Monday, April 6, 2009

Herbert Glerbert.....a poem for National Poetry Month

Yes, April is National Poetry Month so go forth and recite!!!

Herbert Glerbert by Jack Prelutsky

Herbert Glerbert, rather round,
swallowed sherbert by the pound,
fifty pounds of lemon sherbert
went inside of Herbert Glerbert.

With that glob inside his lap
Herbert Glerbert took a nap,
and as he slept, the boy dissolved,
and from the mess a thing evolved—

a thing that is a ghastly green,
a thing the world had never seen,
a puddle thing, a gooey pile
of something strange that does not smile.

Now if you’re wise, and if you’re sly,
you’ll swiftly pass this creature by,
it is no longer Herbert Glerbert.
Whatever it is, do not disturb it.

Sherbert the Frog

Lime sherbet
Green decorators' gel
Junior Mints
Green gummy ring candy

1. Set a scoop of lime sherbet on a small green paper plate (trim the plate to resemble a lily pad first, if you like).

2. Cut one green gummy ring candy into quarters and place the four pieces under the sherbet scoop for feet.

3. Use a Junior Mint candy and half a gummy ring for each eye. Place on top of "frog" body.

4. Finally, add a green decorators' gel mouth and nostrils.

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